CNL now offers an Entertainment Business Workshop!

entertainment business workshop

Our  Workshop is now a staple in the industry. Casting New Lives recently had the honor of giving the Entertainment Business workshop to the (Michael) Feinstein Initiative’s  Great American Songbook competition finalists. What an honor for us, but the good news is the Entertainment Business Workshop is available to anyone.  We can even Skype it to you! Please contact us for more information or purchase the best option for you below.

 Course Title:  The Business End of  the Entertainment Business

Whether you go into the field of entertainment management or begin a performing arts career of your own, this workshop serves as an invaluable supplement to your career path.

After booking countless Vocal Master Classes and Workshops for the talent on our roster, we realized that we too, have something very important to offer to the Performing Arts community and to those who would like to go into this business.

Our years of experience in the field of entertainment management has brought us to the realization that one’s talent, even if it is multiple award winning talent, will not carry you very far without understanding the business end of your career and how to keep it alive. We also realized that by offering this class, we are giving young entrepreneurs, who would like to go into this business a nice sampling of what is all about.

CLICK HERE for  a downloadable outline of the categories we cover within our course.

Upcoming workshops:

If you don’t see an event near you,  you can also schedule your own up close and personal workshop by contacting, Casting New Lives, we can always put you and your group on our route.

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*Shreveport, LA event

Casting New Lives is excited to be presenting its Entertainment Workshop at the Lel H. McCullough Performing Arts Center on the campus of Caddo Middle Magnet Performing Arts School in Shreveport, Louisiana, Friday, March 20, 2015 at 6 p.m., hosted by the Jennifer Dowd Vocal Studio.

In addition to the Entertainment Workshop, we are offering an individual talent assessment that is unique to the Shreveport event. Simply select the workshop, plus audition option on the drop down menu when registering.
Here’s how the audition option works.  After the workshop concludes, those who have chosen this option will have 5 minutes to present their material, privately, to the panel of professionals for instant, verbal feedback.  The audition candidate may present whatever they wish to showcase their talent, while leaving time for feedback and their questions within that 5 minute time frame.  (Singers may choose to do two contrasting songs of 16-32 bars and a monologue, or may choose two full songs that can be completed within the time frame.  Actors may choose to do a monologue or two, and show their audition reel. Bands may choose to bring samples of their promotional materials.)  If an audition candidate is incapable of performing that day, a reel or recording maybe submitted to the panel for review within their scheduled time.  
A wireless handheld mic, or mic pack will be available to singers or actors upon request. Please make sure your vocal accompaniments are already pre-edited to your audition needs.  If you have questions or concerns regarding materials or requirements, feel free to contact us at Casting New Lives.
Your audition assessment slot will be confirmed and more information will be provided upon registration for this option.
Please note:  The use of the word “audition” within the assessment’s or participant’s description, is in no way to promise or imply that Casting New Lives will retain a participant for their entertainment roster.  Casting New Lives’ mission with its Entertainment Workshop and all associated events are purely for educational purposes, to better prepare participants for entry into the field of entertainment. 
*This event has successfully passed! We had a great time in Shreveport.  If you would like a similar event in your area please contact us.


We always have Skype options available that can be purchased below via PayPal. We generally need 2 days notice for scheduling. Our fee to Skype a workshop is $200.00.  Please allow at least 45 minutes of time for the workshop and we will answer any additional questions you may have during that time as well.  The outline above is very general, we can tailor our visit to meet your  specific needs.

Entertainment Workshop Skype