CD Promotion and Distribution for Radio Airplay

CD Promotion and Distribution for Radio Airplay

CD Promotion and Distribution for Radio Airplay

We have successfully begun CD promotion and distribution for radio airplay, at a very affordable rate. The following is a description of  how it works and pricing.

A CD without radio airplay is like creating a 5 course gourmet meal, with no one to share it with! Getting your CD project out to the masses is an integral part to the longevity of your career. Radio airplay also helps you obtain live performances and radio interviews in the area/regions that your music is being played.

Here’s How it Works

  1. We determine which radio stations are the best fit for your genre. For example, if your genre is traditional jazz we formulate our mailing list that best suits your music.
  2. A short cover letter is generated, generally no longer than a half sheet, describing your CD, and if applicable which songs attract a certain appeal. We also include our contact information and let the stations know that our artists are available for radio interviews.  For example, if there is a song that has a Latin mambo jive to it, we single it out, so the appropriate program host can be made aware of it.  Additionally, sometimes we promote CDs that are traditional Jazz and R&B, in this case the CD will be submitted to both genres of radio stations and the cover letter, will isolate those songs accordingly, making it as easy as possible for the program manager to determine which song(s) fit with best with the appropriate program.
  3. The cover letter is written in a uniform fashion, with our branding. When radio stations receive our submission, they are in receipt of a professional looking package, in hopes  of standing out for their many other submissions.
  4. The second phase of this process, the follow up, is equally important. Our continued development of relationships with program directors, has worked to our artists advantage in obtaining airplay. During this phase our team follows up with each and every radio submission with a personal phone call.  This enables us to monitor radio play of the CD, gain useful  feedback , arrange radio interviews,  and even gain radio sponsorship for  live performances in the area.

Pricing and Options

  1. $800.00 includes all of the above for a period of 4 weeks beginning the day the CDs are mailed. CDs are mailed to 50 radio stations.
  2. We can mail/follow up to additional 25 radio stations for an additional $250.00.
  3. First phase only, (items 1-3 above) without follow up,  for half of the original price.
  4. We can add additional weeks of follow up for $200/wk.

Client Responsibility

  1. Mail your CDs, (preferably without shrink wrap), your check  and mailing envelopes to us.
  2. Postage. Casting New Lives (CNL),  will provide you with a receipt for postage.  Upon receipt postage is due to CNL.

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Brinka Rauh co founded the entertainment management and marketing company, Casting New Lives, LLC with Rob Lowe.
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